Conferences & Events

Valuable Information and new prospects

The Council with its business experts and based on rich information about the market.

  • The Council organize conversations among peers who face similar challenges.
  • The Council Conferences and Seminars offer participants both the latest research on hot topics and latest trends, and the best solutions for dealing with tough worldwide economy.
  • All our partners You will take away valuable information and new connections.

Business Development

The council will be the hub for your business development crossing all boundaries

Enterprise Relationship

Big value addition for your enterprise relations development with customers and suppliers

Global Markets

With global reach for the markets outside UAE , the council will create new opportunities for your business


We have extensive knowledge which will help you to be aware of latest trends in the market

Business Goals

The Council will open up your eyes on new horizons on what to do and where to go and how to achieve your goals

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Our Other Services

The council will help you through all the steps to reach your goals

Leadership Development

Achieve your targets and business goals


The Council through its partners offer leadership development programs about how to lead – The council Leadership Programs will help you step out and change


Intelligence you need for your business


From economics to market Knowledge, experience, corporate relations, and sustainability, our research practice will give the right insights to support and enrich your decision as an executive.

Partnership and Alliances

Right Alliances to grow business


The council believe that the right partners and alliances will help to grow businesses. The council will make sure its members are highly successful in all the partnerships and alliances

Business Development

Strategic Transformation for your business


The Council will help organizations to create long-term value from markets and customers through the right relationships.


Where to Invest and how


The Council provides investors with information about the right investment, and also advice on planning any investment.

Looking to grow your Business?

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    Emirates Council for Work Relations Development is a national organization targeting to be the main platform for business development and cooperation between United Arab Emirates and organizations within Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Asia to enable business cooperation in various vistas economy, trade, Agriculture, manufacturing, import and Export as well as professional Services.