At Emirates Council for Work Relations Development we believe in Bringing values into businesses from all aspects. Aiming to stand out as the best entity for work relations development regionally and internationally having United Arab Emirates as the center for our work.
  • UAE First
    United Arab Emirates is our starting point and our aim.
  • Integrity
    Integrity is one of our main qualities and our moral principle and part of each step we take.
  • Transparency
    Being Transparent in the council is a main pillar for work relations development and a core value of our engagements in the country
  • Accountability
    The Council always hold the responsibility for its actions and steps to deliver our value to the community and the businesses
  • Excellence
    Bringing Excellence as a main value into our business relations is a key for success, accuracy and to be result-oriented.
Emirates Council for Work Relations Development is a national organization targeting to be the main platform for business development and cooperation between United Arab Emirates and organizations within Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Asia to enable business cooperation in various vistas economy, trade, Agriculture, manufacturing, import and Export as well as professional Services.