Our Pillars


To develop and diversify the sources of the income in UAE market by improving the competitiveness of UAE products at regional and international markets by establishing a high position in the concerned countries in order to achieve the desired objectives.


To be the leading and effective UAE-based umbrella that enables national companies to reach regional and international markets.


At Emirates Council for Work Relations Development we believe in Bringing values into businesses from all aspects. Aiming to stand out as the best entity for work relations development regionally and internationally having United Arab Emirates as the center for our work.


Promoting knowledge and discovery to achieve distinction and creativity.


To achieve and strive for continuous improvement accompanying growth and development as we believe that innovation and distinction has no limits.


We always affirm that our efforts have a positive impact on the development of the UAE labor market and increase the chances of its presence at the regional and international levels.



Chief Executive Officer

To promote the UAE and make it among the most advanced countries in the field of sustainable economic and social development, to achieve the highest levels of competitiveness worldwide.

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The council will help you through all the steps to reach your goals

Strategic Map

Council Strategy

The Council works through three strategies based on the national agenda, which is part of the future vision of the United Arab Emirates:
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Council Objectives

Enhancing the competitiveness of the UAE labor market and negotiation. Raising the competitiveness of UAE products.
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Council Policy

The Emirates Council for work Relations Development pursues innovation as the most important policy to stimulate learning and discovery for the purpose of excellence and creativity.
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The council believe that the right partners and alliances will help to grow businesses.

To enable UAE companies, make the most of the Emirates Council For Work Relation Development and its efforts, the Emirates Council For Work Relation Development opens its doors for those wishing to get an annual membership upon which the user gets a multiple Privileges.


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    Emirates Council for Work Relations Development is a national organization targeting to be the main platform for business development and cooperation between United Arab Emirates and organizations within Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Asia to enable business cooperation in various vistas economy, trade, Agriculture, manufacturing, import and Export as well as professional Services.